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SECURE Workshop: Transferable Skills

The 5th SECURE Project Workshop at IIT in Genova from March 19-20 2018 has successfully finished


Monday, 19 March 2018

 9:30     Welcome and Introduction: Giovanni Stellin

 10:00   Italian Institute of Technology as a Golden Standard: Giorgio Metta

 11:00              Coffee Break

 11:30   Academic funding opportunities – how to write a grant: Angelo Cangelosi

 12:30   Business Plan Simulation Game: Team Composition, Rules and preliminary brainstorming

13:30               Lunch (Top floor Canteen)

 14:30   Entrepreneurship and Startupping: Luca Ascari, Camlin Group

16:00               Coffee break

 16:30   How a research position in an industrial environment is managed and its implementation hurdles: Daniel Braun

17:30               End

20:00   Social Dinner: Antica Osteria Vico Palla

Tuesday 20 March 2018

 9:30     IPR management: beyond the patent: representative from IIT Technology Transfer

10:30               Coffee Break

11:30   How to write a Business Plan and deal with an Investor: Matteo Bonfanti (IIT Technology Transfer Director)

12:30               Lunch

13:30   Business Plan Simulation Game: Tutorial (Giovanni Stellin) and Team work activities (business idea building and pitch presentation preparation)

15:30               Coffee Break

16:00   Business Plan “competition”: Elevator Pitch Simulation and Ideas Evaluation

17:30               End