Francois Foerster

Neurophysiological Assessment of Object-Based Actions

Principle Supervisor: 
Dr. Jeremy Goslin
University of Plymouth

Collaboration partners:

  • Fraunhofer-Institut für Produktionstechnik und Automatisierung IPA
  • Telerobot Labs

Competence Area: Situation


To conduct a neurocognitive examination of the processes of object-based action affordances to inform interactive models of human-robot object manipulation. In embodied models of cognition our representations of objects are formed around the motor programs used to manipulate them. This means that not only do we automatically prepare relevant actions when viewing objects, but also that our actions modulate our perception of our environment and those interacting within it. Robots with a similar embodied architecture should also benefit from a more seamless sensory-motor integration.



Expected Results

To provide a new understanding of interactive object manipulation through the examination of the modulation of action affordances when objects are shared and manipulated between multiple agents, both human and robot. Electrophysiological experiments will examine the neural activity associated with action affordances during interactive object use, which will inform software models for robot object manipulation and human-robot collaboration.