Marie Charbonneau

Control Methods for Dynamic Walking and Safe Interaction

Principle Supervisor
Prof. Dr. Giorgio Metta
Fondazione Istituto Italiano Di Tecnologia

Collaboration partners:

  • Telerobot Labs
  • University of Hertfordshire

Competence Area: Embodiment


To develop a controller for the iCub robot that supports whole body movement control with multiple constraints (force and trajectory limits). This controller enables movement planning in cluttered situations exploiting contacts and support from the environment (rather than avoiding contact altogether) thus leading to robots populating human spaces.

Expected Results

The result will be a set of software libraries for movement planning and control usable on the iCub. The iCub will be able to stand and contact furniture for support to e.g. reach a faraway object. It will also be capable of holding in difficult passages (narrow) or whenever stability is not guaranteed because of the terrain characteristics. The resulting controller will correctly manage multiple kinematic and dynamic constraints in a hierarchy of tasks respecting the overall goals of the controller (e.g. reaching certain configurations) and the whole body dynamics of the robot. At the lowest level a torque controller will perform the determined policies with millisecond precision.